Hi, I am Michael,

An entrepreneur, philanthropist & aquaponics designer dedicated to helping you grow fresh healthy food in the most beautiful way possible.

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From hamburg to sunny California
From working behind the top bars and clubs in Hamburg, Germany to becoming a beverage entrepreneur in the US
I was 27 when i left germany to start a new life IN AMERICA
Moving to the US in 1996 was one of the best decisions in my life. It opened so many possibilities for me that I would never have being in Germany. Meeting open minds, helping hands and lot's of inspiration.
The hollywood lifstyle

Mojitos at the playboy mansion

In 2005 I started a beverage company making mojitos at the Oscar's, Emmy's, MTV, Rockstar and playboy parties.

After a successful five year run we shut down the company as an aftermath of the 2009 recession.

Visiting cambodia in 2010 changed my life

first time visiting asia
Having just lost my company, I joined an impact trip to Cambodia to volunteer for the first time.
It was there where I witnessed poverty first hand. Seeing children with nothing to eat on mountains of garbage broke my heart. I knew right then, I found a new purpose... Helping children in need to grow their own healthy food.

learning to grow food

After returning back to the US I visited meetup meetings, garden groups and tried to learn about the different ways to grow food. That is how I discovered aquaponics. Right away I was fascinated about the possibilities by having fish help create organic produce. I knew this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

starting to give back

In 2016 I finally went back to Cambodia and built my first aquaponics school projects to help children and communities to grow their own healthy food.
The koyaproject was born to educate children and community in sustainable farming techniques so they can be food independent and create job skill for their future.

raising money is hard

It's not easy running a non-profit. To get donations you have to be good at documenting your progress. Either via video or in written words, then share and promote it it on social media so everyone can see your impact and then hopefully someone will make a donation.

I wasn't really good any any of it and got frustrated begging for money and wanted to find a new way to help keeping our koya projects alive.

merging beauty & sustain-ability
The Aquaponics Design Co was born in 2017 to bring aesthetics into growing food and donating a considerable percentage of the proceeds towards the koyaproject.
indoor and outdoor systems
AD built systems to help providing healthy greens for smoothies in an office environment to larger outdoor systems to grow enough food to sustain a whole family.
Traveling to Bali in 2018
Ubud, Bali on the map

falling in love with bali

the second big move in my life
Ubud, Bali is like a fairy tail town. It was love at first sight. I was surrounded by lush jungles, green rice fields and friendly Balinese smiles every day.

the inspiration for bali aquaponics

Bali, the beautiful "Island of the Gods" inspired me to think different when it comes to building food systems nowadays.

I got inspired by stunning waterfalls, lush green jungle ambiance and the warm and peaceful colors of orange lighting by night, endless shades of green plants, dark gray volcano rocks and elegant brown teak wood.

You can see how I incorporate these 4 colors into all my indoor and outdoor garden designs.

the team of Balinese artists
I am so grateful to have met some these amazing Balinese artisans who are masters of their craft.
the team to build your dream
You want to build a unique Balinese inspired food system that turns your home, hotel or resort into a lush food sanctuary? Showcase your good taste in beauty and sustainability,

The Aquaponics Island

A unique, organic oasis that produces at large-scale, a diverse range of fruits, herbs, plants and vegetables.​
Visit the outdoor garden page
stunning home decor
Overtime I became more and more passionate about small scale indoor gardens, powered by beautiful fish
my mission to help others
My passion and mission is to help you being able to grow your own healthy food at your home. You can hire me to build you a custom system or you can take my course if you want to do in by yourself and possibly create a new career for you.

I love to share my commitment to aquaponics as the future of food by sharing all my aquaponics practical, technical, and business knowledge in my Indoor Aquaponics Design  Course

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