Grow your own fresh greens and create a stunning ambiance on just one square meter

Experience the Bali Aquaponics Indoor Garden

For the first time, you can own a unique, hand-crafted piece of Balinese art that also creates a healthy lifestyle — with your own supply of fresh, organic greens!

No space, no problem

indoor garden

fish tank

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Fresh herbs all year-round

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Live Well, Eat Well

This one-of-a-kind indoor garden system draws on ancient Balinese art traditions and sustainable aquaponics methods pioneered by the Aztecs — and combines them with computerized system management, state-of-the-art LED lighting, and visually stunning design.

More than just a sustainable way to grow herbs and greens, or a deluxe aquarium —it’s the show-stopping centerpiece of your home!

Get your Bali Aquaponics Indoor Garden today.

The Bali Aquaponics Indoor Garden Is For You If:

01 Grow Fresh Food

You want to grow your own herbs and plants to create healthy and delicious salads — or mix the perfect mojito.​

02 Extraordinary aquarium

Exotic colorful fish create a soft and calming ambiance. The sound of water...

03 Eye-catching Centerpiece

Transform your interior living space into a tropical oasis with leafy plants and flowers. Soft ambient lighting and unique 


04 Stunning Ambient lighting

show your appreciation for beautiful design and the environment with ocean sunset lighting

Feature and benefits

A floating fresh garden of herbs and plants
Never run out of your favorite herbs ever again. 
Walk over to your lush herbal garden and pick herbs for your special tea or fresh delicious dish.  You can actually feel and smell the benefits of your special garden every day.

Fresh herbs all year round, Improved air quality, Hydroponics or Aquaponics, Water saving

A breathtaking Aquarium
Always feel calm and relaxed with your colorful fish
The soothing sound of water, the smell of the fresh plants and the stunning ambient sunset lighting will awaken your senses and transforms your place into a sustainable tropical oasis.
An eye-catching Balinese Centerpiece
Your own piece of Balinese Art to transform your home into a living Sanctuary
Impress your friends with a piece of Balinese craftsmanship. Chose from elegant warm teak wood to intricately carved stones in any shape and color. Look at your stunning garden and feel the the spirit of Bali in your home.

Stunning, teak wood, beautiful ambiance, various lighting options, choose any height or color

Stunning Ambient Lighting
Create your own warm lighting in any color for any atmosphere, from warm orange to cool blue. Your options are limitless.
The soothing sound of water, the smell of the fresh plants and the stunning ambient sunset lighting will awaken your senses and transforms your place into a sustainable tropical oasis. 
Indoor Garden Island
Grow larger plants like tomatoes and cucumbers or use your soil garden for beautiful flowers
It's a great feeling being able to even grow your own fruits indoors and even combine them with flowers to add a beautiful fresh smell to your room

Stunning, teak wood, beautiful ambiance, various lighting options, choose any height or color

Remote Controlled Garden Lighting
Even your larger plants, fruits and flowers deserve to look good at any time of the day with custom lighting
Change the garden light with a click of a button to reflect your mood. Maybe a warm orange on the afternoon or a more redish tone at night time.

A living marine garden inside your home

Aquariums provide  a stylish way to bring water - one of the five traditional elements of Feng Shui - into your space. It's seen as a bearer of good fortune. 

overview benefits

  • Fresh herbs all year around
  • Beautiful Balinese ambiance
  • Fresh aroma of herbs and plants
  • Beautiful aquarium top with colorful fish
  • Improved air quality via water flows
  • Garden area for larger fruits and plants

whats included?

  • Stunning Balinese teak roots pillar
  • or custom Balinese mosaic pattern in any color
  • Floating ring of herbs with integrated LED lighting
  • Custom aquarium construction with hidden elements
  • Remote controllable ambient light for lower garden
  • Computerized system for lights and pumps

What is the value of living well?

Living well means allowing yourself to appreciate the finer things in life. Living well also means living a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, it means making decisions for your life in a way that helps those around you.

When you become the owner of a Bali Aquaponics Indoor Garden, you bring all three ways of living well into your life immediately. No other indoor garden system available can offer that.

Fine art craftsmanship. Growing your own herbs, greens, and fruits. Environmental responsibility. All in a spectacular, yet compact system that will change your life.

We know what the value of living well means to us — and that’s why we designed the Bali Aquaponics Indoor Garden, so we can share those values with you.

Live well — you deserve it.

bali aquaponics indoor garden

The ultimate combination of high-end interior design and a sustainable indoor garden system

Bring a piece of Bali into your home and grow fresh herbs all year around

Details of what you will get:

  • Grow any herbs of your choice
  • Ambient wood lighting
  • LED grow lights for herbs
  • Remote controlled garden light
  • Stunning tank
  • Balinese white pebble stones
  • Two garden compartments
  • Balinese Teak wood stand with lighting

Live well by giving back. 10% of your purchase goes directly to supporting the Koya Project’s humanitarian mission worldwide.

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