a hybrid of art and aquaponics

The Bali Aquaponics Indoor Garden isn't just a sustainable indoor garden system,
it's a piece of Bali in your home.

art that creates fresh herbs
& a healthy lifestyle

Showcase a beautiful Balinese garden in your home and grow fresh herbs for your next healthy dish or your next mojito cocktail.

Beautiful Balinese teak wood with sunset lighting and a lush green garden will get you in a good mood, no matter what.

The soothing sound of water, the smell of the fresh plants and the stunning ambient sunset lighting will awaken your senses and transforms your place into a sustainable tropical oasis.

overview benefits

  • Fresh herbs all year around
  • Beautiful Balinese ambiance
  • Fresh aroma of herbs and plants
  • Beautiful aquarium top with colorful fish

whats included?

  • Stunning Balinese teak roots pillar
  • floating herbal ring with LED integrated lighting
  • Hand blown aquarium melted into the wood
  • Remote controllable ambient light for lower garden

what is aquaponics

Main Benefits of Aquaponics

90% Less Water
than traditional agriculture 90%
10 x Less Space
than traditional agriculture 100%
60% Less Time
than traditional agriculture 60%

Aquaponics is a self-sustaining food production ecosystem that combines Aquaculture (raising fish on land) with Hydroponics (growing plants without soil).

Simply put, fish and their waste provide fresh nutrients for the plants, which grow entirely in water. The plants naturally filter the water, which gets recirculated back to the fish, in a closed-loop system.

the most beautiful way
to grow your own herbs

re-fresh your lifestyle

bali aquaponics indoor garden


Bring a piece of Bali into your home and grow fresh herbs all year around

Details of what you will get:

  • Grow 7 herbs of your choice
  • Ambient wood lighting
  • LED grow lights for herbs
  • Remote controlled garden light
  • Custom blown fish tank
  • Balinese white pebble stones
  • Two garden compartments
  • Balinese Teak wood stand with ligthing

give back with 10% of proceed going directly to supporting the koya project in Cambodia

Your purchase will build aquaponics training centers and pay for teacher so we can educate the young generation on this beautiful sustainable farming technique.

Learn more at: www.koyaproject.org

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