My intuitive 3 week online course

teaches you the ins and outs of designing and building beautiful indoor food systems for yourself and potential clients. 

Finally grow all your organic greens in the most beautiful way possible using fish instead of chemicals and fertilizers.

why should you take my course?

01 Grow Your own Fresh Food

You want access to fresh and healthy herbs and plants for you and your family at any time. Finally no more need to run to the market.

02 Enjoy Colorful aquariums

You love fish and want to build or convert your aquarium into a beautiful indoor garden by converting fish waste into plant food.

03 Create Beautiful home decor

You want a unique, eye-catching home garden and create a calming peaceful atmosphere on less than one square meter of space.

04 Become a food system designer

You want a future in the multi billion dollar indoor food production industry. This course alone can create a lucrative sustainable future for you.

Grow your own fresh food
with aquaponics

Main Benefits of Aquaponics

100% Organic
Fish don't like chemicals 100%
90% Less Water
Water is constantly recirculated 90%
10 x Less Space
Plants don't compete for nutrients 100%
60% Less Time
Ideal environment 60%

a great step towards your sustainable future

Six year ago I had no idea about aquaponics or even how to grow my own food. After taking many online and offline classes myself and lot's of trial and errors building different systems, I now have my dream life. Traveling the world, building one-of-a-kind food systems for my clients.

I want to help you achieving your goal of building amazing food systems as well. Either for yourself or for your potential clients. That is why I have created my unique course for you, merging fish with hydroponics and aesthetic design.

what you will learn in my course

Aquaponics fundamentals


Get a complete understanding of current situation in the world and why aquaponics is a great solution for you at home and for the future of our planet.
Elements of an aquaponics system

Module two

Complete understanding of all elements of an aquaponics system. From building materials and elements to what fish and plants you can grow
System Design & Strategies

Module three

You'll discover the secrets of easily designing any system you desire. From converting aquariums to designing from scratch. Five easy to follow examples you can just duplicate your favorite style. 

Building Your First System

Module four

Expertise of designing different type of indoor systems with various variations of fish tank and plant area.
System Maintenance

Module five

Understanding the different n utrient needs of each plant as well as water and temperature requirements
Marketing and Selling Your Designs

Module six

Being able to market and sell your system design via different platforms, so you are able to create extra income with your new skill

Build your own beautiful indoor garden with my

In my unique BaliAquaponics framework, I will share with you exactly how to get started, even if you don't have a garden or big indoor space. 

From the best type food you can grow, the best fish to use, how to convert an aquarium into a food system, and how to make it all work in the most beautiful way possible so you'll for sure impress your friends or potential clients.

I have the exact plan that will not only transform your life and your health, but also create a money making sustainable  future for you. Just one idea in my program can change your life forever. I am excited for us to work together.

Take my Indoor Aquaponics Design course

The single greatest course to build world class indoor aquaponics food systems

A step by step approach for building the most beautiful indoor gardens that purify the air, provide fresh herbs and veggies for healthy meals and make you money designing and building them for others.


Successful Students

I took Michael's course before it really was a course. He is very good in explaining things in a way anybody can easily understand and follow it. Now that I have got my feet wet and built my first system, I am excited to start building them for my fiends.
Peter Kohut
Mechanic in Germany
Michael's course is easy to follow. I did have previous experience with aquariums, but the extra knowledge helped me growing food instead of those constant water changes In had to do.
Fish Breeder
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