living art for hotels & homes

sustainable landscape solutions and water features

Stunning state-of-the art outdoor design and serene home décor, based on aquaponics technology

Our mission is to design authentic décor and architectural pieces for our customers in the most sustainable way. Our pieces can enhance the aesthetics of any space and even provide food for your guests.

Indoor systems

Colorful aquarium merged with automated hydroponics to create stunning interior design that creates healthy food

outdoor gardens

Interested in a one-of-a-kind custom aquaponics system that grows all the healthy food you want?

aquaponics course

Learn how to build your own beautiful food system even if you don't have much space or a garden

"sustainability doesn't have to be boring"

Why choose Bali Aquaponics? 

Enhance your space with a stunning world-class aquaponics inspired art

Bali Aquaponics is shaping the future of design, where technology, innovation, sustainability meets aesthetics and art. We create one of a kind inspiring indoor and outdoor design elements bringing peace of mind and nature into homes and commercial spaces.

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