Learn to grow your
own herbs & veggies

indoors in the most beautiful way possible


  • Are you trying to live a healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you frustrated paying a premium for chemical free food
  • Do you care where you food is coming from?
  • Do you care about the environment?

Grow your own fresh food
with aquaponics

Main Benefits of Aquaponics

90% Less Water
than traditional agriculture 90%
10 x Less Space
than traditional agriculture 100%
60% Less Time
than traditional agriculture 60%

just one decision away

I know how it feels like not knowing where to start. I had a very different life and knew nothing about aquaponics or how to grow your own food. Now six years later, I have build aquaponics systems all over the world.

From small scale home systems, to educational mid size systems all the way to high-end indoor systems. I personally love designing and building beautiful small scale home systems and this is what my courses will be focused on

design a home garden

I show you exactly how to get started. From the types of plants you can grow, the best fish to use, all the way to how to build your own beautiful aquaponics system

Depending on your needs I have the exact plan that is right for you to transform your life and your health and make the world a better place doing it.

start with

3 easy steps

Pick the Plan below
that is right for you
Follow the easy
step by step course
Join our community
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online course

Introduction to Indoor Aquaponics

Start learning the basics to grow your of fresh food

This is a great course if you are new to Aquaponics and like to learn the fundamentals. You will be able to get a good understanding how Aquaponics works and the many benefits it can offer.  Finally you can grow your own fresh food.


Indoor Aquaponics System design

Design your own indoor aquaponics system

You will discover many ways to build beautiful indoor gardens to grow healthy herbs and veggies all year around. You will learn what indoor plants are the best to grow and what fish to use. You will learn about ambient & LED lighting and how to make the water flow work.  


Bali Aquaponics Master

Endless opportunities with the master certification

Transform your life with the "Bali Aquaponics Master" certificate. You will be able to confidently design and build amazing in- and outdoor systems and use your knowledge to generate income designing systems for others. 


Message from the founder,
Michael Hensel

Successful Students

Michael's Design & Business Course is well organized and easy to follow. Not only did I built my own system growing fresh herbs and green leaves, I also earned already over $2000 building systems for my friends.
Peter Kohut
Mechanic in Germany
I took Michael's Intro to Aquaponics Course in Bali which was easy to learn. Now I have built three small systems for me and my family. I am also currently working on some new exciting projects in Bali.
Agus Tumatra
Bali Contractor

Shop Garden systems

The most beautiful way to grow your own fresh herbs and live a healthy lifestyle with this Bali inspired Indoor garden


A custom aquaponics island oasis that transforms your backyard into a bali inpired oasis of fresh fruits and vegetables

(custom built)

Come join a workshop
here in bali

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