bali island

A beautiful and peaceful sancuary growing all the food you want
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a hybrid of art and aquaponics

A unique, organic oasis that produces at large-scale, a diverse range of fruits, herbs, plants and vegetables.​

This world’s first circular aquaponics island design in Ubud, Bali is unique in many ways. I integrated bio geometry and special water circulation to create….

The whole system is inspired by beautiful Balinese landscaping utilizing lava rock, dark gray sand stone for extra moos growth as well a as vertical and horizontal bamboo garden. The centerpiece features a special oil palm tree holding the vertical herb garden.

The system has 7 water loops and 12 water falls that are being distributed throughout the whole system. The ebb and flow systems create three beautiful waterfalls floating into the natural looking sump tank.

Three Balinese water statues will create extra aeration for the Koi fish which are creating the nutrients through-out the system. The system is utilizing gravity for the main water flow with a fourth waterfall floating under a beautiful bamboo bridge.

Since this system will also act as a learning center here in Bali, I have integrated every important element in aquaponics to be able to showcase the beautify and simplicity of aquaponics.

This Aquaponics Island is located in Ubud, Bali at the Pyramids of Chi, a sound healing center that is one of the must see places when you visit Bali.

I welcome you the see the system for yourself and take one of the amazing sound healing classes Pyramids of chis is offering twice a day.

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