Bali Aquaponics

BALI, the beautiful, lush, “Island of the Gods” is the inspiration for the name of my online courses

About Bali Aquaponics

I created Bali Aquaponics to teach, inspire and motivate anybody who is interested in living a healthy lifestyle and wanting to grow their own food.

The ideas and experiences presented in my Bali Aquaponics Courses will empower you with a higher level of understanding. The philosophy behind all courses are intended to yield life-changing results - leaving you excited and ready to put your mastery of aquaponics to use right away. 

what bali aquaponics means

Bali, the beautiful, lush, “Island of the Gods”, is not only my inspiration but I call it home. When I created this unique experience, I wanted it to stand for all the things that I loved about this magical place.

Beauty & Design

Like the beautiful aquaponics systems you will be able to design, build, operate and maintain

Healthy & Organic Lifestyle

Which you will enjoy when you are growing your own fresh using aquaponics.

World Travel

Which you could do, while building aquaponics systems for people and clients around the world.

Meet Your Teacher Michael Hensel

I first learned about aquaponics in 2010. After traveling to Cambodia for the first time, and witnessing hungry people living in extreme poverty, I wanted to find a solution that would promote food security, health, and sustainability. I learned everything I could about aquaponics and started the Koya Project - a nonprofit with with the goal to empower at-risk global communities by spreading aquaponics farming education. This work became my life’s purpose.

I then started Aquaponics Design Co., a design company focusing on merging beautiful design and sustainability, by building the most stunning aquaponics systems around the world - with most of the profits going toward continued growth of the Koya Project.

I love to share my commitment to aquaponics as the future of food by sharing all my aquaponics practical, technical, and business knowledge in my  Bali Aquaponics Online Master Course.

My mission at Bali Aquaponics is to Push Humanity Forward. I am doing this by sharing my aquaponics knowledge and skills so that you can live a healthy lifestyle, help others become more healthy & sustainable, travel the world, create food security, and begin healing our planet.

I welcome you to join me in my mission and become part of the Bali Aquaponics tribe.

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