Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose your course over others?

It's simple. If you care about aesthetics and design as much as growing healthy food, then there is no better option for you then my course. You will be able to design stunning food system and turn it into a new career.

what are other benefits of taking your indoor design course?

You will learn how to convert any fresh water aquarium into a beautiful food systems. If you are interested in a new career in sustainable food production, my course will help you getting the right start from the beginning.

What can I expect after graduation?

You will be able to confidently design, calculate and build any food system you desire.
You can expect full ongoing support to make your dream systems come true.
Your success is crucial for the future of my business. So I will do everything I can to help you to become successful.

is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. I offer you a full 21 day money back guarantee, so there is zero risk for you.
If you are not 100% satisfied I don't deserve your money. Bottom line.

what kind of support do you offer?

You will receive full access to my private Bali Aquaponics Facebook Group. You can ask any and as many questions you like. All of them will be answered by me and my staff for lifetime.

When will your indoor garden design course be ready?

In August 2020 I will start a free Beta Coaching Group limited to 10 students. To be part of this group please fill out my survey at

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